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Coaching- Personal Finances

Money Measures Inc. helps people get to a better place when it comes to personal finances.

Our money management concept is to budgeting what computers are to word processors. We have taken the concept of budgeting to a different level. We have helped people do real time financial forecasting that has allowed them to set and achieve very specific goals, such as:

• eliminating debt
• having greater control over how money is spent
• setting money aside for taking vacations, doing renovations and so much more
• getting bills paid in full and on time
• saving money
• having money to invest
• planning for emergencies
• paying less taxes
• managing the challenges of a fluctuating income that is often experienced by sales people and entrepreneurs
• eliminating interest charges, service charges, fees and penalties associated with paying bills late, carrying credit card debt, being in overdraft and/or
  having insufficient funds in the bank to cover payments
• satisfying a curiosity about the amount of money that is coming in, the amount of money that is being spent and the difference between the two.

Our financial forecasting concept has also been used to validate the affordability of everything from purchasing a home to starting a small business.

Other people have experienced the peace of mind and sense of freedom that comes with feeling financially secure. You can too! Contact us today to learn how.

When it comes to money, it's not about how much you have. It's about what you do with what you have.